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Welcome to the Utah Healthcare Resource Management System (UHRMS), Utah's HAvBED System!

UHRMS is designed to be a real-time, electronic hospital bed tracking/monitoring system. In the event of large-scale emergency or disaster, UHRMS will serve as an emergency management tool to assist with response operations to support healthcare facilities in event of a surge of patients.

HAvBED is a federal program under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and is supported by the Utah Hospital Preparedness Program. The goal of HAvBED is to maintain a national real-time hospital bed tracking system to address a surge of patients during a mass casualty event.

Monthly UHRMS Reporting Drill - May 1st
For assistance with the UHRMS system email or call 801-273-6651.
Managed by:
Utah Department of Health
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness.
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